Building Your Team by Dan Hunter

Written by evan on February 22, 2008 at 2:37 PM

Dan Hunter
Seven Student Ministries

Dan shared on developing a team.
You can not do everything
You should not do everything
You must step away so that they can step up

Why do we do it alone?

  1. We want to do it alone.
  2. We feel like we can do things better ourselves
  3. We are insecure and feel threatened
Why we should build a team?
  1. Helps people develop and discover their gifts
  2. Prepares your ministry for success tomorrow.
Building a team.
Effective teams just dont happen, they are built.
  1. Spread the dream.
  2. Recruit constantly
  3. Give away ownership
  4. Grow together
  5. Pay the price

Dan Hunter in 60 seconds

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