Reflecting Back to Menards

Written by evan on October 20, 2005 at 12:43 PM

We had a motto when i worked at menards during my college years, "people don't interrupt your job, they are the reason you have one."

god spoke this to me today. i planned on spending most of the day cleaning up and maintaining h2o after the plumbing issues, and needed to rearrange the gaming rooms to better suit the halo 2 addicts. once i got started on rewiring our under cabinet lights (which katie says i wired wrong the first time), a twentysomething student who is somewhat mentally challenged came him. he is very high maintance.

i thought to myself, great im not going to get anything done. i talked him into doing some cleanup for me, in exchange for a free soda (there has to be something wrong with this). it seemed like in no time he was done, and i had just started.i gave him a dew. he sat at the water bar. frustrated i tried to continue wiring.

he attends sunday morning services atleast twice a month, and has came to almost every concert we have done. he begin to ask me about drinking and god. he went on to explain that he believed in god, but thought it was ok to have a couple of drinks now and then. at the end of our conversation, he asked me to keep him in my prayers. that god would
help him with this this.

in the past week, i had all these scheduled times of ministry (what i thought was doing god's work), whether it be youth service, small groups, school lunch or whatever. and then out of the blue, unscheduled, is the time that i got to be the most successful at meeting somebody's need. go figure.

shot 66 (that was on 9 holes) at tuesday's staff golf outing.

watched fever pitch tonight.

Watching the NLCS game 5

Written by evan on October 17, 2005 at 10:40 PM

went to church at the rock this weekend. service started at 7:07pm on a saturday night (gotta love sleeping in on sunday). i came into service late because, i parked in a no parking area, and didn't want to risk getting a ticket, so i drove around for a while trying to find a spot. came into service about 5-8
minutes late to the band already playing. seemed like there was about 80-100 twentysomes there, with a couple parents (it was homecoming weekend).

the church meets in a lecture hall on the university of missouri campus. the band played a couple songs, as the crowd mostly stood and sang, with not much move moment. the lecture hall was very dimmly lit, with other colored par cans on the stage. after a couple songs, a leader came to the mic and introduced the pastor and his upcoming

i sat down. got out the iBook and started to take notes. to my surprise i was the only one in my eye sight that had a laptop out. there was a couple people around me writing with the trusty pencil.

the pastor came onto the stage as kool and the gang's celebrate played over the speakers. he continued his series called, the life of an apprentice.

he centered his whole talked about partying and celebrating, and when it is appropriate to party and reasons to party.

revelations 19:9 Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb!

the pastor concluded his message with prayer, and the band came up and played 3 to 4 more songs.

after the service was over, they had free soda and snacks for everyone.

as i drove home (3 hours) on sunday morning, it felt good to go to church on a saturday night. if only we didn't have youth service that night, i could have had the whole day to do whatever.

H2O Press

Written by evan on October 13, 2005 at 10:27 PM

western courier article on h2o (9/05)

western courier article on hurricane katrina fundraiser sponsored by
h2o during the falling up tour (free registration required) (9/05)

western courier review of falling up tour at mag (9/05)

macomb eagle article on h2o (1/05)

Fall Retreat Wrap Up

Written by evan on October 10, 2005 at 11:44 PM

Had our fall retreat this weekend, that lasted about 24 hours. instead of having a guest speaker, we did 4 different prayer experiences. the first one was centered around simon the pharisee and his dinner with jesus. the students were encouraged to meditate and pray during the reading of the story. with provoking questions intertwined.

2nd experience we setup 4 different stations, all centered around being thankful.

3rd experience the students found a spot by themselves and just sat, and were silent.

4th experience was 5 different stations centered around praying for all different aspects of the harvest and workers. the student started with pots and filled them with soil, planted seeds, watered, etc.

The student seemed to really enjoy it. very relaxed. we even got to take a nap on saturday.

Prepping for Fall Retreat

Written by evan on October 5, 2005 at 12:34 AM

Getting stuff ready for our fall retreat coming up this weekend. it is going to be totatlly different from our retreat in 03 and 02. this one we dont have a guest speaker. but are doing more of total experiences. i really think we do too many services anyway. students just need to be able to experience god, instead of people talking to them about him. so this should be a
really cool time.

Will post some pics here after the weekend.

Watching jay leno right now, and sinead o'connor is on. crazy.

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