Target 2006

Written by evan on February 27, 2006 at 1:35 PM

Attended target conference this past week.

what i got from jeff kossack
youth ministry will only grew to what your leadership can sustain
u need to model everything. It has to be intentional

what i got from nate rusch

what i got from sy rogers
god takes away guilt not humanity
1 in 4 of western women are molested by the age of 16
regen books
the fourth turning

what i got from monty hipp
richard simmons
josh mcdowell
the da vinci code
For change to happen – u have to get really ticked off
Everybody who has a cause, sees everything else as irrelevant
80% of people in prisons were in some type of foster care
health and human services

what i got from mike yankoski
3.5 million people experience homeless
It is easier to pray than to supply

what i got from jeremy deweerdt
teach students to be the church anywhere and everywhere

hey unfaithful i will teach you. to be stronger, to be stronger, hey
ungraceful i will teach you. to forive one another - underoath

Where my time is spent

Written by evan on February 21, 2006 at 10:13 PM

Just got done watching 5 episodes back to back of 24 season 3
My itunes highest hit count with 33 - anberlin - dance, dance, christa paffgen

Western Courier The Fold Review

Written by evan on February 19, 2006 at 8:15 PM

Couldnt figure out how save this article that was in the western courier as, a pdf. so i am just copying and pasting it here.

The h20 Youth Center hosts a night of rock headlined by The Fold
A veritable bevy of Macomb youths crowded the cozy, crimson-painted club H2O. Teens in Macomb Bomber letterman jackets rubbed elbows with pop-punkers decked out in studded belts and Chuck Taylors atop the venue's
checkerboard floors.

Social cliques put aside, the crowd assembled on a frigid Saturday night to rock out to the musical stylings of four different rock groups. H2O offered an intimate stage setting with the crowd able to stand directly in front of the performance area.

The first band to play for the excited crowd was Macomb's Without Wednesday. The energetic pop-punk trio launched into its first song, only to succumb to the unpredictable and disappointing fate of a broken guitar string. Fortunately, a replacement guitar was found among the crowd and the show marched forth.

While singer/guitarist Noellen's voice rang clear over the up-tempo drums and distorted guitars, bassist Arlo shrieked into the microphone and finger picked bass lines. Two-minute anthem and set-closer "M.I.A." got the primarily teenage crowd moving with the hook-laden guitar fills and chorus.

Second on the bill, Peoria-natives The Charter North took the stage to fill the audience with upbeat and driving guitar riffs. Its sound could be compared to "Illusion of Safety"-era Thrice with more Saves the Day-type of vocals.

Speaking plainly, the band played a very tight set of melodic, mid-tempo rock 'n' roll featuring interwoven breakdowns and intricate guitar progressions.

The third band to ravage the crowd's ears was a melodic screamo band hailing from Chicago, Endless Never. The three-piece threw into the mix a combination of softer crooning from the singer/guitarist, while the drummer offered a throaty growl to offset the emo tendencies.

Transferring from a flanger-tinged guitar effect to a balls-to-the-wall distorted fury, Endless Never's passionate display and driving rhythms rattled the intestines of audience members. The double-bass drum filled in a very full sound akin to "Artist in the Ambulance"-era Thrice.

Whether the band garnered a police presence, or the onset of the nine o'clock hour, the crowd showed no signs of calming down with the headliner, The Fold, taking the stage next. Featuring members of the once-defunct, newly-reformed Villa Park/Chicago band Showoff, The Fold is on tour promoting its Tooth and Nail Records debut "This Too Shall

The four-piece band brought a heavy, harmonious sound reminiscent of some of Sparta's earlier material; specifically, the use of dropped-D guitar tuning and slower tempo syncopation.

With the first few chords of their opening song, the kids in the crowd began po-going and getting involved with the music, despite the soft vocal delivery of singer/guitarist Daniel Castady. The band launched into "Backseat Drivers," a mid-tempo tune featuring catchy sing-along lyrics and a driving instrumental breakdown. Putting forth a fine effort, the band suffered technical problems involving the lead vocals, which put a slight damper on the general aesthetic.

Despite being a Christian rock band, there was no sense of condemnation or awkwardness for people who do not ascribe themselves to religious values. While the venue is a smaller area, the lack of unrestrained enthusiasm was slightly disconcerting for the casual punk rock concertgoer.

Also slightly disturbing was the sense of commercial appeal of the players in a few of the bands. "I feel like I have to go buy a new outfit before our next show," said Brent Houzenga, senior art major and singer/guitarist for the local band Me and My Army.

Fashion should not be tantamount to music in rock 'n' roll unless your name is David Bowie. While shaggy hair and guys wearing tight girl pants is ubiquitous nowadays, the passionate intensity portrayed through the music is not. Whatever type of music a band plays, there is no uniform needed for success.

The main drawback from the night was a lack of diversity in the bands' musical styles. While there is endless talent, no one seemed to be pressing into new territory. For fans of The Fold, look for its debut CD out Feb. 21.

The Fold Concert

Written by evan on February 12, 2006 at 8:26 PM

Pics from last nights show

dj gt

without wednesday

the charter north



Superbowl 2006

Written by evan on February 5, 2006 at 10:01 PM

Had our superbowl party tonight. 73 students showed up. we rented out the bowling alley, billards room and a lounge at wiu. didnt do the normal powertowin video at halftime. instead, we gave away free stuff, promoted our website, and myspace page,
and i shared briefly for about 30 seconds about what h2o is about. that
we are there to care for them, and want to help them live life to the
fullest. thats what h2o is, life.

andy hunter
discover america
relevant tv
donald miller
last tuesday

Late Night

Written by evan on at 12:58 AM

Just got home from h2o. have a couple things to work on before i can go to bed.

Why is the new ending so amazing?

Benefits of Booking Bands

Written by evan on February 4, 2006 at 12:30 AM

late night talks with last tuesday
finding random guitar pics after shows
set lists
cell phone numbers
free merch
buying john reuben java
comments lefted on your myspace page
watching jt add hot sauce to everything
getting to hear pre-released material, thanks dan

Things I'm Addicted To

Written by evan on February 2, 2006 at 10:42 PM

vanilla pepsi
donald miller
halo two

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