What Preachers Can Learn from Steve Jobs

Written by evan on January 15, 2008 at 10:31 PM

I just finished watching the SteveNote. As I was watching, I noticed how Steve Jobs had the audience eating out of his hands. I had the thought, what if preachers could present like that.

Characteristics of Steve Job's presentations
  • Shows success by numbers
  • Let them know they (apple customers) aren't alone, that others have "buy-in" too.
  • Inspires
  • Makes the features seems do-able
  • Leaves the audience with the feeling of "I want to buy everything!"
  • Talks about the product features
  • Demonstrates the product features (how it works, how it applies to their life)
  • Talks about the product features again
  • Shows how this will change your life and productivity
  • Doesn't use acronyms
  • Knows his stuff. No TelePrompTer. Has checklist of what he wants to cover.
  • Rehearses: Practices timing & delivery
  • He knows what is coming up next in the present
  • Comfortable & relaxed. 
  • Invites others on the stage
  • Uses humor
  • Repetition: says the same thing, over and over

2 Responses to "What Preachers Can Learn from Steve Jobs"

Comment by Gregory Pittman
January 16, 2008 at 1:44 PM #  

Evan, Nice post. Of all the points listed there, I find myself drawn to the importance of rehearsing your presentation/sermon. All of the aspects are vital, but even if everything else is right on target, a poorly rehearsed presentation/sermon can fail miserably. Of course, if it isn't rehearsed, not all of the other elements will be there anyway.

(By the way, I left a similar reply via Twitter.)

Comment by Ontario Emperor
January 16, 2008 at 2:03 PM #  

I'm not sure if "show success by numbers" is a necessity for preachers. Gideon shows that numbers aren't all that important. Other than that, there are some good suggestions for the mechanics of presentations, provided the message is correct.

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