What did you GIVE for Christmas?

Written by evan on January 8, 2008 at 7:47 PM

Once I got back to Mattoon after Christmas vacation, whenever I saw a student I hadn't seen since Christmas I have been asking them the question, "What did you give for Christmas?"

Immediate responses have been: xbox360, wii, iPod, shoes, clothes, cds, ect. Then I would re-ask the question, "What did you give for Christmas?" Some would process it that time, others I'd have to ask a third time. I loved doing this. It made them process it in their head, that "this life isn't about me." "What did you give for christmas?" wasn't a natural question. It was unfamiliar. It seemed easy for the things that "we got" to roll off of our lips, and sometimes minds would have to search to come up with the answers of "what they gave."

I become what I consume. If I become consumed with giving, I become generous. When I consume it, I become it.

Last year Americans spent $455 billion during the holiday season.
Consumer credit debt is now at $2.4 trillion.
26 million Americans are addicted to shopping.
It takes the average American 6 months to pay off the credit card debt from holiday gifts.
The average American spends 5 hours shopping a week during Christmas.
The average American only spends 1 hour a week on spiritual things.

I spoke on consumerism the sunday after thanksgiving. Lucky me! Listen here.
I posted some artwork for the message a while back. I am consumed.

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