An Inconvenient Truth

Written by evan on January 7, 2008 at 8:56 PM

Kt and I just finished watching it. Well, kt watched the first 20 minutes then started dozing off. I thought it was an ok documentary. All documentaries have their agenda and are weighed one side. It gave me the same feeling i had when some evangelist came to Pawnee Assembly and talked about the doomsday of y2k.

Gore didn't really need to spend 90 minutes trying to conveince me of the global warming problem. I mean, come on, it was over 65 degrees today in the middle of winter in Illinois. I thought of riding my scooter to work, which would have been thinking green, but I havent put my new plates on it yet. I was looking for more of a, "here is what you can do", but it was a lot of politics and saying that the current administration is more concerned about money and oil, instead of the existence of human life. I was really hoping that it (politics) would have stayed out of it, there was even shot of the 2000 elections, and he saying that he was the "ex president-elect".

The credits were the best part of the documentary, because it gave me some action points. I actually found them on YouTube.
An Inconvenient Truth - Credit with Special Effects Video

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