Conversational Van Rides

Written by evan on August 29, 2006 at 12:11 AM

Have been thinking about a lot of things recently. Just finished reading donald millers "searching for god knows what." i might write about my thoughts on what he calls "the lifeboat theory".

also need to update about our first live love night at h2o. amazing. maybe i will do that tomorrow.

today though, i went with pastor to see leonard sweet speak at riverside in peoria. thoughts i took from leonard.

christianity today is more muslim then it is christianity.
first non-temple based religion: christianity.
shouldn’t be leadership, should be followership.
why are we not communicating like Jesus did.
killer metaphors that will kill a church – refuge, shelter, a safe haven.
we trust strangers more then we trust the holy spirit.
the primary language of this culture is not about words, but images.
sometimes god is more active in the world then the church.
modern christianity is more modern then christianity.

stuff that pastor and i talked about on the road
meeting the needs of the homosexual community
future of church leadership (followership)
how long does it take to defrag the church
cards walk off grandslam
fishing in a river
importance of knowing your future-in-laws

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