Covered in the Dust

Written by evan on August 29, 2006 at 10:12 PM

A couple of weeks ago we talked about jesus calling the disciples, and did the rob bell thing and talked about what it means to be called. and what it means to be covered in the dust of your rabbi. so, if we're suppose to be covered in the dust of your rabbi what does that look like? and what would the rabbi be doing in our community.

our students came up with a list of following ways that we can live love in our community.
pick up trash
help carry groceries
gift baskets
pumping gas/paying for gas
nursing home
wash cars
housing cookout
donate clothes
habitat 4 humanity
rake leaves
help international students
food drive
school supply drive
donate blood
volunteer @ soup kitchen
salvation army, ring bells
give rides home

the last sunday of every month at h2o, there is no worship team, no message, no altars, we are just going to live love in the community

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