I've Moved

Written by evan on August 20, 2008 at 10:59 PM

I finally made the move from blogger to wordpress.
And, I am back with a decent design, since mine bombed with blogger.

With that, I'm am making a couple of changes.
I won't be posting on multiple sites either, (sorry Myspace & Xanga fans) but it was too big of a pain to post to. I'm done with copy and paste and copy and paste. I've done that for almost 3 years.

Myspace blog hits.
I don't want to lose you guys, look below for ways to stay connected.

Here are a couple of ways for you to stay in touch with my blog.

  1. Subscribe to my RSS feed. What is an RSS feed? Basically it means you don't come to my blog, my blog comes to you. If you are already subscribed to my RSS feed, I tried to use the same feed, so you wouldn't be lost in the conversion, but I'm not positive. So to be safe make sure that you are subscribing to this feed.

  2. Subscribe via email. Have me in your inbox. Each time I post, it goes straight to your email.

  3. Get the full experience, by going to evancourtney.com

Also to those who have bookmarked, linked or stalked me, evancourtney.com used to forward to blogspot, but now it stays with evancourtney.com so be sure to update:)

I'm really pumped with the new setup.
It means more blogs and more content:)


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