O Holy Night

Written by evan on December 9, 2007 at 10:05 PM

Tonight was the 2nd week of our december series called "Peace". We started out the service with a christmas theme powerpoint game (which we forgot to announce the winner of and award the prize.) Did only 1 worship song, due to sound issues, and then we faded to Sufjan Stevens "O Holy Night". I then spoke a couple meetings about that Jesus came to earth to bring peace between you and God. Ashley read some scripture on the birth of Christ, and then I opened i asked an open air question, "does anyone want share how they came to have peace with God?" and I walked off of the stage.

After about 90 seconds of awkwardness, Travis went on stage and took a couple minutes to talk about how he came to have peace with God, and then Nakari talked (whom I had asked beforehand to get things going). But after that it was student after student that would stand up and talk, some went on stage, while others just stood at their seats.

It was not all good theology that was shared. But there was power in students verbalizing how they came to have peace with god. Confession is good for the soul. It was a pretty amazing night as probably 8-10 students shared.

Last week we talked about our lives being filled with anger, and their was no room for peace. We used the illustration of a jar being filled with dirt (our dark stuff. sin) and because of it, there was no room for peace. So at the close tonight, if students needed to have peace with God. they went to this bowl of dirt, grabbed a handful, and identified what was in their life that they needed to get rid of, then they threw the dirt in a trash can, and then put their hands in a bowl of water, representing God cleansing them and giving them Peace.

Students took a couple minutes doing this, and then we concluded with reflecting on what God had just done, while we listened to O Holy Night.

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