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Written by evan on July 1, 2007 at 11:44 PM

Buenos dias. I am literally sitting in this closet that we found that has the internet. I will be able to update briefly every once in a while.

I got to Santa Ana yesterday with a little trouble. Since i joined on the trip late, i purchased my airline seperate from the group, and i accidentally put the wrong date on my flight to san salvador, el salvador by a day. so when i got to the ticket counter on june 30, my ticket was actually for june 29. doh.

so i had to go on stand by for both of my flights. the flight from chicago to miami was overbooked by 5 people, so that meant that 6 had to not show up for me to make the flight. i made the flight!

then in miami the flight to san salvador was overbooked by 5 people again! and this time, they had a confirmed 166 people had checked in that day with luggage for the flight that holds 166. so my only chance of making the flight with the team (and the only flight to el salvador for the day) was that if someone didnt make it from ticketing to the gate.

i waited and waited as the plane and the team loaded the plane. there was one person who was on the flight, and they kept paging and paging for the person by name. and finally the person didnt show up, and i made the flight. whew!

as i entered the plane, the whole team clapped and cheered. if i would not have made the flight i would have been stranded in miami airport for 24 hours, and a day late on the trip.

god really humbled me thru the experience of me putting the wrong date on the ticket. but i really feel that god provided for me to make both flights.

as a result i was able to preach at a church service at an assemblies of god church here in santa ana to about 150 people.

i talked about jesus walking on water, and peter falling in the water, after he tried to walk on water. jesus tells peter that he doesnt have faith. im not too sure he was talking about peters lack of faith in jesus, because jesus was doing fine. but i think he was talking about peters lack of faith in himself. that he needed to have faith in himself, and believe that he can be like jesus, and do what jesus does.

i have a leaders meeting in 7 hours, and then we are off to distribute some books of hope to students all day.

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