My First Minor League Baseball Game

Written by evan on May 22, 2007 at 8:23 AM

I'm in Peoria for a couple days for IDCAG meetings. So last night, travis and I decided to go to the minor league class a peoria chiefs (cubs) vs lansing lugnuts (bluejays) game. It was Mt. Dew Half Price Mondays, so we got the Row 1 behind the chiefs dugout.

The automosphere was way different then the majors. The skill level was pretty bad. There was a bunch of cheesy mid-inning crowd teasers. The game went into extra innings, and it seemed like as the innings past more people would leave. Finally in the 11th innings we decided to move from our seats and seat directly behind the plate, in row 1.

The coolest thing was that Ryne Sandberg was the head coach. And the chiefs knew it, so everything was centered around him and not the players or the team.

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