Target 2006

Written by evan on February 27, 2006 at 1:35 PM

Attended target conference this past week.

what i got from jeff kossack
youth ministry will only grew to what your leadership can sustain
u need to model everything. It has to be intentional

what i got from nate rusch

what i got from sy rogers
god takes away guilt not humanity
1 in 4 of western women are molested by the age of 16
regen books
the fourth turning

what i got from monty hipp
richard simmons
josh mcdowell
the da vinci code
For change to happen – u have to get really ticked off
Everybody who has a cause, sees everything else as irrelevant
80% of people in prisons were in some type of foster care
health and human services

what i got from mike yankoski
3.5 million people experience homeless
It is easier to pray than to supply

what i got from jeremy deweerdt
teach students to be the church anywhere and everywhere

hey unfaithful i will teach you. to be stronger, to be stronger, hey
ungraceful i will teach you. to forive one another - underoath

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