Conversation with Jeff Kossack

Written by evan on January 10, 2006 at 3:08 PM

What i learned... (from conversations with jeff kossack)

1) easier to tell people about jesus, than showing them. both are effective, but which one needs to be done more? does one come before another? what does showing them about jesus look like?

2) a discipleship process is needed for the youth ministry. and an understanding that discipleship is a lifelong journey, not a ten week sunday school class.

3) students want to change the world, we must give them the opportunity

4) maybe youth services aren't the best way to evangelize jr. high and high schoolers. or should unchurched students even be a target during a service? or should our target be to teach our students to be jesus in their world?

5) during worship and message time at h2o, feels like xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx.

6) acoustic worship might be a good idea, to get back to the heart of worship for our students who are concert saturated. need a separation from one another.

7) what is the role of an adult in youth ministry? elder?

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