Taking Care of Business on Vacation

Written by evan on December 30, 2005 at 11:30 AM

I am still on vacation and have been since dec 19th. here are a couple things I have done.

Finally after probably 40 attempts at the final level, i beat mercenaries on the xbox

Have read 2 books in 3 days. dont think i ever read a full book in school.

(re)understaning prayer - very challenging, very helpful. it made prayer simple.
pocket guide - not inspirational by anymeans (but it never claimed to be), a ton of information. very easy to understand. one thing in the book that i am still shocked at it that when truman was in presidental office, billy graham made a claim that jesus was coming back within 2 years. 50 years later, here we are.

I'm going to be punched for this, but here is katie on christmas rocking out to black sabbath's iron man

Yes, i am still working my way thru blue like jazz. it is not a book that i can sit down and read in 2 days. to much thinking and digesting.

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