Fall Retreat Wrap Up

Written by evan on October 10, 2005 at 11:44 PM

Had our fall retreat this weekend, that lasted about 24 hours. instead of having a guest speaker, we did 4 different prayer experiences. the first one was centered around simon the pharisee and his dinner with jesus. the students were encouraged to meditate and pray during the reading of the story. with provoking questions intertwined.

2nd experience we setup 4 different stations, all centered around being thankful.

3rd experience the students found a spot by themselves and just sat, and were silent.

4th experience was 5 different stations centered around praying for all different aspects of the harvest and workers. the student started with pots and filled them with soil, planted seeds, watered, etc.

The student seemed to really enjoy it. very relaxed. we even got to take a nap on saturday.

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